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Заказ такси в Сумах,поездки,
трансфер,свадебный кортеж,лимузин
по Украине,в Россию,Москва,Курск

Taxi Sumy booking
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телефон такси в Сумах

Taxi from Kiev airport Boryspil to Sumy hotel

booking taxi , airport Boryspil pick up to Sumy

phone +380662089379 viber +380662089379
sumytaxi@gmail.com Igor

When you require a taxi from airport Boryspil to Sumy hotel or any Ukraine places transfer we are offer our taxi services.

We are located Sumy,Ukraine.(350 km from airport Boryspil)
Boryspil Airport Transfer will get you safely in relaxed comfort at very competitive rates.
Our team of professional drivers and friendly back-up staff will ensure your transfer runs smoothly.
We provide Just Private Transfers for You! No sharing.
The prices includes the tax and the luggage transfer.
Our all drivers and vehicles are equipped with passenger transport license, insurance .
We are always happy to add new customers to our ever-increasing client base and always endeavour to make using our services an easy efficient process.
Our prices
airport Boryspil to Sumy hotel Audi A6 -250$
airport Boryspil to Sumy hotel Mercedes-Benz ML - 300$
airport Boryspil to Sumy hotel Chrysler 300c - 200$
airport Boryspil to Sumy hotel Mercedes-S500 - 180$
airport Boryspil to Sumy hotel Mercedes Vito (8sit) -200$

airport Boryspil to Sumy hotel Toyota Camry - 160$
airport Boryspil to Sumy hotel Volkswagen Passat B6 -150$
airport Boryspil to Sumy hotel SKODA Superb -150$
airport Boryspil to Sumy hotel Geely EMGRAND X7 - 140$

Taxi Sumy Airport Transfer provide a superior service from a fleet of quality vehicles tailored to suite your requirements .
Taxi Sumy Airport cars are committed to providing the highest levels of customer service for business and leisure travelers, individuals or groups of up-to 35 passengers, any vehicle…any distance…any time!!!!
Operating from Sumy to Kiev Boryspil Airport. Our services include “meet and greet” and Group transfers around Ukraine with friendly experienced chauffeurs.
We specialize in Motor-cars 4-6 or 8 seater Mini-vans . We provide a superior service for some persons, groups, conference or wedding guests.
Impeccably dressed chauffeurs working from a fleet of cars, minibuses & up-to 35 seat Motor coaches.
We charter a wide range of vehicle for all occasions
Dating, Festivals, Horse racing , Football, Concerts and other events...
We offer translation services English-Russin-English ,German-Russian-German.
translation price is 10-20$ per 1hour ,


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Бизнес такси г.Сумы,
поездки по Украине и России!
viber +380662089379
The Taxi Sumy Company
airport pick up,mini bus transportation,
limo services,
wedding services

VW Passat В6 ,1км - 5,00 uah.
Toyota Camry 1км -5,00 uah.
Нисан Примастар на 8 чел,1км-6,00грн.
Мерседес Спринтер на 18 чел,1км - 7,50 грн.
Рендж Ровер 4 чел. кож.салонн,1км - 6,00 грн.
Деу Ланос , 1 км - 4,50 грн.

Taxi Sumy-Boryspil booking